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About us

Hommage au Vélo (“Homage to the Bicycle”) create fine art cycling paintings for those who pedal to cycling’s beat. Fans of cycling frequently refer to the bikes and the scenes on which the sport’s legend is written in artist terms.


At Hommage au Vélo, we take this literally, and make high-quality art that captures the most iconic bicycles from cycling history and the mountains and climbs that have inspired generations.


Our artwork is created by artists with years of formal fine-art training and practice in combination with a creative director with 25 years of racing experience. A combination of speciality in technical drawing and deep love for the sport means our paintings are jaw-droppingly accurate and yet unmistakably beautiful as paintings themselves. With the exception of our show-stopping “Last Supper: Cycling Legends” we do not use computer illustration. Ever. Interested in commissioning a painting?


If you would like your bicycle, or perhaps a local climb or scene near to you that has significant meaning, painted by Hommage au Vélo, just get in touch. We can paint you an original from £500 on a variety of mediums: speciality treated art paper works well for extreme high detail (like bicycles with brand logos) whilst canvas gives excellent feel and warmth to landscape paintings.


Just email me on david.law@hommageauvelo.com David Law, Owner I started racing in 1993, with a jersey from the long-defunct Histor Sigma Belgian cycling team and a helmet that looked like it had been rescued from a WW2 battlefield (see photo below).

Having gone through the junior ranks with mixed success in mountain biking and cyclo cross, I joined a French amateur road team with deep connections to the infamous Festina squad of the late 1990’s. After 4 years spent battling on the French amateur racing circuit, I came away with half a dozen, half-decent wins in the amateur ranks, but much more than that, I had developed a deeper love than ever for cycling and its history, and how this is articulated in language and art.


This obsession for everything cycling related is articulated through Hommage au Vélo artwork. Contact: david.law@hommageauvelo.com +44 (0)7590 053316